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Based in Shanghai, Eyeing Global Competition, Centennial Torch -- Torch Electron Group Building (Shanghai) is Officially Put into Operation

October 12, 2023


As one of the first pilot districts in "Innovative China," Yangpu District is showcasing China's rapid integration into the global landscape of technological innovation. In the tide of the times, Torch Electron has taken a solid step forward. On October 12th, the Torch Electron Group Building was officially put into operation in Yangpu District, marking a new chapter for Torch Electron's development, rooted in Shanghai and heading towards globalization.


Torch Electron, as a demonstration enterprise in the national high-tech industrialization program, has made significant contributions in promoting independent and controllable key technologies in the field of electronic components and new materials, supporting the localization journey. This year also marks the 35th anniversary of Torch Electron's establishment and the 20th anniversary of innovation and development in Yangpu District. The government at all levels in Yangpu District will continue deepening reforms, expanding high-level opening-up, optimizing the business environment, and promoting the high-quality development of enterprises and the local economy.


This year marks the 35th anniversary of Torch Electron. From passive components to active ones, from a product-oriented company to a platform-oriented company, from "inheritance and innovation" to "sustained innovation," Torch Electron has always served the nation's major development strategies, deepening the core technologies and defining a new era of "taking on" through independent innovation. 


The inauguration of the Torch Electron Group Building will consolidate Torch Electron's position in global competition. Leveraging the development advantages of Yangpu District, Torch Electron will further advance internationalization in research and development, branding, human resources, and other areas. With Shanghai as the new pivot point, Torch Electron will accelerate its global deployment.


Torch has taken another solid step, igniting an intrinsic driving force and propelling high-quality development. Standing on the global stage, Torch Electron is prepared to connect the world.


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