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Safe Production Month of Torch Electron

June 08, 2022


June 2022 is the 21th " Safe Production Month " in China, with the theme of "implementing Safety Responsibility and Promoting Safe Development". In order to effectively prevent major risks in production safety, Torch has taken various measures to actively carry out a series of activities of " Safe Production Month ".


Work together online and offline to make safe production popular. By the "Test your Safety" safety knowledge network competition and answering questions online, we can keep in mind the shortcomings in safety in our daily work, and truly achieve the goal of "learning from competition" and "learning to practice". Carry out safety skill training (safety warning education, hazardous chemicals and hazardous waste training, radiation safety training, fire safety training, first-aid personnel training), potential safety hazard investigation and fire emergency drill, so as to effectively improve staff's fire safety awareness and emergency disposal ability, and further strengthen the company's ability of hazardous waste management and standardized storage of hazardous waste.

In addition, in this training activity, 33 trainees passed the examination and obtained the Red Cross ambulance certificate issued by Quanzhou Red Cross on-site ambulance training center.


Safety has only a starting point and no ending point. Next, the company will continue to put the safety production work in a key position, further consolidate the management foundation, consolidate the responsibility, and ensure the orderly progress of the safety production work.


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