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The Return to Office Begins in Earnest with the Recognition Ceremony

February 23, 2024

As the festive spirit of the Chinese Lunar New Year begins to wane, we are gradually rejoining the workforce, marking a transition from holiday to renewed focus on professional endeavors.


On February 21st, during the joyous lion dance ceremony, Torch Group is fully operational. Chairman Cai Jinjun, with a golden pen in hand, added blessings to the auspicious lion. This leads the Torch colleagues to embark on a new chapter in the new year, advancing vigorously towards a brand new journey. 2024 is the year of dragon. In Chinese tradition culture, dragon represents a symbol of fortune, strength and prosperity.




Adhering to the mission of "national responsibility and global competition", Torch focus on research and development, tamping the footsteps of a Centennial Enterprise. At the Recognition Ceremony, we recognized our outstanding employees who have made outstanding contributions to the growth of Torch.




On the podium of "the first lesson of the New Year", Mr. Cai Jinjun, Chairman of the Board of Directors, informed the development of Torch in 2023 and the strategy in 2024. Mr. Cai emphasized that every staff should be clear about the Torch's mission and vision.  With a correct mindset and confidence, we should strive for excellence and get prepared to Torch's internationalization.





The return to work post Lunar New Year signifies not only a continuation of professional responsibilities but also a collective embrace of growth, resilience, and prosperity in the year ahead.

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