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Torch Electron Organizes Sports Event to Support Children with Autism on Mother's Day

March 14, 2023


On the occasion of Mother's Day, Torch Electron, in collaboration with the Southeast Public Welfare Association, organized the "Sparkles Unite: Hand-in-Hand Blue Ribbon" fun sports event for children with autism. The event took place at Sunjiang Park, where the children ran on the green grass, celebrating the resilient mothers who care for their starry-eyed children.


At around 9 a.m., the event commenced with 30 "little stars" accompanied by their parents and volunteers gathering at Sunjiang Park. Secretary of the Torch Electron Party Branch, Du Xuetang, received the prestigious "Caring Partner" plaque on behalf of the company. He called for more volunteers to join Torch Electron in protecting and supporting these special "little stars," fostering a harmonious and compassionate social environment.


The event featured various activities, including a two-legged race and a 100-meter relay race. After warming up under the guidance of volunteers, the "little stars" joined their parents in a spirit of cooperation and competitiveness. Amidst cheers and laughter, the children who were initially reserved gradually relaxed and exuded joyful smiles. Volunteers awarded medals and prizes to the winning "little stars," symbolizing not only their accomplishment but also the pride of their parents. Following a delightful lunch full of laughter, the event concluded successfully.


While the journey to recovery for these children is ongoing, love and companionship will guide them to adapt to social interactions and integrate into society. As one of the caring corporate participants, Torch Electron will continue its commitment to public welfare, rallying compassion, fueling dreams, and spreading hope. Every act of kindness is believed to ignite a spark, illuminating the path of mutual dedication towards the "beacon" of transformation!


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