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Torch Quality Month

September 20, 2023


The quality concept of "professional focus, customer achievement" runs through the daily work, In September, to meet the national quality Month, Torch Electronics to carry out a series of activities with the theme of "everyone is a quality responsibility".


Let more people join Quality Month

In order to give full play to the platform role of "Quality Month" activities, the company further inspires the enthusiasm of all employees to participate in quality Month activities by collecting quality month themes and quality improvement opinions, shooting quality Month promotional videos, watching "Quality of Great Countries" promotional videos, designing banners and display boards, etc.


On September 1, the quality Month launch meeting was held as scheduled, and the heads of the company's centers/departments and the backbone personnel of the quality center attended the meeting. At the meeting, the main activities of the quality month activity were reported, and the results of quality improvement opinions collection, quality work from January to July and QCC results were announced.


Let more people participate in quality improvement

Quality management is not a day's work, quality culture needs long-term cultivation. In order to better improve the quality awareness and service efficiency of all staff, the company organizes and carries out special training on quality month, giving lectures on product production technology, system knowledge, QC seven techniques and other knowledge for relevant personnel.


With training to help the game, enabling progress together. During the Quality Month, the company extensively carried out network knowledge competitions and team knowledge competitions in the form of "online + offline" to stimulate the enthusiasm of all employees for active learning, build a learning and growth team, and drive the overall popularization and improvement of quality management knowledge.


Let more people share the fruits of innovation

Around the core of "improving quality, reducing energy consumption, and improving economic efficiency", the QCC results conference was launched as scheduled. The four participating teams reported on the background of the topic selection, improvement methods, improvement effects and other aspects, and shared the quality innovation results with detailed data through PPT presentation.


QCC activities aim to fully mobilize the subjective initiative and creativity of employees, improve their business level, and increase the momentum for the company to reduce costs and increase efficiency. In the warm applause, the judges awarded the winning teams.


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