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Classification of Super Capacitors

September 15, 2023


For supercapacitors, there are different classification methods based on different contents.

First, according to different energy storage mechanisms, supercapacitors can be divided into two categories: electric double layer capacitors and Faraday quasi capacitors. Among them, electric double-layer capacitors generate storage energy mainly through the adsorption of pure electrostatic charges on the electrode surface. Faraday quasi-capacitors mainly generate Faraday quasi-capacitance through reversible redox reactions on and near the surface of Faraday quasi-capacitive active electrode materials (such as transition metal oxides and polymer polymers), thereby achieving energy storage and conversion.

Secondly, according to the type of electrolyte, it can be divided into two categories: aqueous supercapacitors and organic supercapacitors.

In addition, according to whether the types of active materials are the same, they can be divided into symmetric supercapacitors and asymmetric supercapacitors.

Finally, according to the state of the electrolyte, supercapacitors can be divided into two categories: solid electrolyte supercapacitors and liquid electrolyte supercapacitors.

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