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The Main Parameters of Super Capacitors

September 12, 2023


1) Lifetime: If the internal resistance of the supercapacitor increases, the capacity will decrease if it is within the specified parameter range, and its effective use time can be extended, which is generally related to its characteristics as specified in Article 4. What affects the life is the active drying up, the internal resistance increases, and the ability to store electrical energy drops to 63.2% is called the end of life.

2) Voltage: Super capacitors have a recommended voltage and an optimal working voltage. If the used voltage is higher than the recommended voltage, the life of the capacitor will be shortened, but the capacitor can work continuously for a long time in an over-voltage state. The activated carbon inside the capacitor will decompose to form a gas It is beneficial to store electrical energy, but it cannot exceed 1.3 times the recommended voltage, otherwise the super capacitor will be damaged due to the excessive voltage.

3) Temperature: The normal operating temperature of the super capacitor is -40 ~ 70 ℃. Temperature and voltage are important factors affecting the life of supercapacitors. Every 5 ° C increase in temperature will reduce the life of the capacitor by 10%. At low temperatures, increasing the working voltage of the capacitor will not increase the internal resistance of the capacitor, which can improve the efficiency of the capacitor.


4) Discharge: In the pulse charging technology, the internal resistance of the capacitor is an important factor; in the small current discharge, the capacity is an important factor.

5) Charging: There are many ways to charge capacitors, such as constant current charging, constant voltage charging, and pulse charging. During the charging process, connecting a resistor in series with the capacitor circuit will reduce the charging current and increase the battery life.

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