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School-Enterprise Cooperation to Develop the Integration of Industry and Education to Promote Talent Cultivation -- the Vice Principal of Quanzhou Vocational School Visited Torch Electron

March 12, 2022

In order to deeply implement the policy of "school enterprise cooperation to promote the reform of talent training mode", promote the deep integration of production and education, and strengthen the school enterprise cooperation in educating people. On the morning of March 11, Zheng Zhongsheng, vice president of Quanzhou Mingxin vocational school, Wu Congpeng, vice president of school, etc., came to our company to carry out research and exchange activities on school enterprise cooperation and integration of industry and education.


During the exchange, the school and enterprise hope to further strengthen the cooperation between the school and the enterprise through the integration mode of production and education, so as to realize the "win-win" cooperation between the school and the employer in the combination of production, teaching and research. The two sides conducted in-depth discussions on the sharing of practice and training resources, school enterprise cooperation, Co Construction of staff's home, and Party building cooperation, and initially reached a joint intention and consensus on the establishment of "torch electron naming class" in Quanzhou Vocational School.


This research activity has laid a good foundation for the comprehensive development of personnel training, integration of production and education, internship and employment and other related work of both schools and enterprises in the future. Torch Electron will also strengthen communication with schools, actively explore new ways of school enterprise cooperation, cultivate more high-quality and high skilled applied talents, serve the society, and make contributions to the industrial development and economic construction of Licheng District!


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