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Torch Electron Public Welfare Never Stops

January 02, 2022

Respecting the old and loving the young has always been a traditional virtue in the inheritance of 5000 years of Chinese civilization. On December 16, the local temperature in Luoyang was up to 5 ℃. In a sombre winter day, a bus pulled through the cold air and drove to Shangguan Township, Yiyang County. The general branch of the torch party will deliver learning materials to the children of Shangguan Township Central Primary School.



After driving for more than two hours, representatives of the general branch of the torch party arrived at Shangguan Township Central Primary School. The school stands quietly beside the mountain road. It's time for class. The sound of reading comes out from time to time to convey the children's welcome and thanks to the donors from afar. At the donation ceremony, Mr. Wu Yong of Luoyang Office of torch electronics delivered a speech on behalf of the general Party branch and the company, encouraging the children to study hard, change the status quo with the power of knowledge and build their hometown. Then, under the organization of school leaders, children lined up in order to receive love materials.


This is not the first time that torch electronics has sent love materials to children in mountainous areas, but every public welfare trip makes torch people feel the warmth and warmth of love transmission. Under the leadership of the general Party branch, torch Electronics will continue to move forward on the road of public welfare, helping children in mountainous areas and helping schools with difficulties. It is hoped that this meager energy can plant seeds of love for learning for every child in the long-term inheritance, draw the power of upward and upward, and fulfill the youth's dream.


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